Summer 2015 - Cubs Activities

A term in the life of….. 10th Worcester (Crown East) Cub Pack

Summer is always one of the best terms for getting out and about and this summer has been a good one for the Cubs at the 10th Worcester Scout Group based at Crown East. Every one of the thirteen Cub Pack meetings this term has been held outside.

For the first half of the term the programme was split into several smaller modules allowing the Cubs to do activities and learn skills in smaller groups – always a better and more fun way to work. The Cubs rotated around the different activities each week so everyone had a chance to do everything. We also managed to fit in a sleepover at another Scout Hut and a full day of activities at the County Cub Activate Day which is held annually at Rhydd Covert near Bewdley.

For the second half of the term we continued our outdoor activities in the woods that form part of our site as well as a weekend away at the Worcester District Camp at Ombersley Court .

During this term the Cubs have

  • Learnt to lights fires with flint and steel
  • Used some of their knot tying skills to pioneer a 3 metre high catapult that lobbed footballs.
  • Built shelters in the woods just using natural materials
  • Had some archery training ending in a completion to hit balloons or haribo sweets.
  • Built and launched water rockets 20 meters into the air (and neighbouring fields!)
  • Cooked a breakfast on gas stoves (more bacon please) and learnt the proper way to wash up at camp.
  • Used their fire lighting skills for backwoods cooking of stew and chocolate bananas.
  • Played FootGolf (google it!)
  • Laid tracking trails and followed someone else’s.
  • Followed bearings around the woods and (usually) got back to where they started.
  • Gone for a treasure hunt through the fields and villages around the hut.

As well as all the above, this term, the Cubs have also had a go at caving, swimming, grass sledging, mountain biking, climbing, athletics, abseiling, and a big water fight.

As you can see from the above it’s a very exciting time if you’re a Cub at the 10th.