Queen's  visit to Worcester - 11th July 2012

On 11th July 2012 10th Worcester Scout and Cub sections took part in the guard of honour for the Queen's visit to Worcester. We started off at the bus station at 10.30. We were asked to stand in front of the barrier by Shipleys. Despite some abuse, a heavy shower and lots of waiting at 12.30 (yes the Queen was late :o) she flew past in her massive Bentley and it was over in a flash.

Luckily we were asked to do it all again as she went to her service at the Cathedral, however in order to do this we were required to get across town to the Elgar Statue to meet the local plod organising where we stand. So the masses all walked the same route to follow the Queen and I was trying to keep track of all 18 Scouts in the crowd and Nigel (the Scouts were a doddle compared to him). Despite my objections we walked down a packed High Street, through M&S ladies underwear section (don't ask!), through the Hop Market, down Friar Street and made it to the Elgar Statue with everyone intact (Even Nigel)(phew!).

Finally we lined up on Friar Street waiting for the police bikes again (I mean Queen). At this point the Scouts seemed to like the guard of honour to be right in the middle of the road, much to the displeasure of all passing coppers and CSOs (the explanation of they will move when a 7ft wide Bentley is driving at them didn't appear to go down well). Eventually She arrived (driving a bit slower this time) and was really only 3ft away from us, all be it for about 2 seconds.

Now the main event could begin and the 10th Worcester Baseball match was a big success ( and yes another trip round town with 18 Scouts, when we arrived we only had 15 but nobody seemed to mind) and when all was said and done I think we all really enjoyed a day off School or Work to be there.


Scout Report

This morning the Queen visited Royal Worcester. The Queen came in to Worcester to open the recently built Hive which is a public library as well as covering Worcestershire and Herefordshire as part of her Diamond Jubilee tour.

While the scout groups lined the high street the Army, Air and Sea cadets marched up to the top of the high street and stood to attention. When the crowd saw the first two police bikes it was then that it started to rain heavily. Then the third bike went past; the crowd started cheering, which meant the Queen was close by.

Moments later the crowd saw a seven foot wide Rolls Royce which the Queen and Prince Philip used to come through the narrow high street.

This afternoon after the Queen had her Royal lunch at the Guildhall, the Scouts queued up Friar Street past the VUE cinema. Scouts waited for another hour and a half for the Queen to go to the Cathedral.

To see the Queen twice in a day was terrific!

By the Reporter Billy Lee Millington


Scout opinions of the Queen's Visit

We went to see the Queen on Wednesday 11th July. We arrived on the high street. We then lined up along the street, waiting for the Queen to come. Suddenly it rained. We stood there freezing but as she came past the sun came out. It was amazing!! Harvey


The Queens visit on Wednesday 11th July was great because the queen waved at me with her posh wave and we got a day off school. We had to wait in the rain but it was worth it. Ed


I think seeing the Queen in Worcester might be a once in a lifetime experience. Why would she come to Worcester again? It was also a good day because I got the day off school and missed my dance assessment. It was wet and Nigel 1 spilt pop on me. Dan


An amazing day although we did alot of waiting, it rained quite alot but a few members of the public let us borrow their umbrellas! It was well worth going too as I got many great pictures of the Queen and Prince Phillip. I have never seen the Queen before so I am glad I got a chance, and I even got to miss a day of school :-) Jess


The Queens visit was kind of good, seeing the Queen was good, also Philip but the waiting at the start wasn't too nice. Overall the Queens visit good, so was baseball. Ollie


An epic day, but too much waiting for the Queen. The crowd were very nice and talked to us. The Queen is very small. Toby


The day was great(EXCEPT THE WAITING) There were very nice poeple in the crowd! Some of them gave me a fortune cookie, shelter from the rain and a good laugh! George


We went to Worcester to see the Queen on Wednesday 11th July. The first time we saw her it rained. Then at lunch we ate at the Elgar statue. The second time it was sunny. Then we went and played on the race course. IT WAS AMAZING!!