15th-16th Feb 2014 (Sat-Sun) - Cub Sleepover - The Hairy Bikers"

Seventeen Cubs and four Leaders enjoyed a Hairy Bikers themed sleepover at the hut in the middle of February. The core of the sleepover was to cover the Cyclist badge and parts of the Chef badge.

The sleepover started with Grand Howl followed by a game. We then split into three groups the “Costas”, “Neroes”, and “Starbucks” and spent a couple of hours doing bases to cover the cyclist badge. One base went through how to mend a puncture with lots of water, inner tubes with holes and cheap puncture repair kits. The second base covered all the safety elements of cycling and produced a fifteen feet long mural showing all the required parts. The third base was the practical where all the Cubs who had brought a bike with them went through their paces on the drive next door and undertook a series of manoeuvres to show that they could handle a bike successfully before doing a few circuits of the grounds.

Once the cycling was complete we all came back inside and when through the food safety and healthy eating part of the Chef badge. The necessity for good hand washing was shown by all the Cubs covering their hands with hand cream and different coloured glitters. The three groups then washed their hands in different ways (dry wiping, dip in cold water, washing in warm soapy water) and then compared who had the most glitter still on their hands.

The Chefs badge work continued with making some small sponge buns. Each Cub mixed up enough, margarine, flour, and egg to make six small buns. These (all 108 of them) went in the ovens while we washed up and played some games.

Evening meal was chicken nuggets, french fries, and peas followed by cake (with plenty of squirty cream), biscuits and fruit.

More games followed before we settled down for the evening.

Even though we were inside for most of the time everyone was tired and setteled down to bed at 11:00pm.

We were up again at 7:30am to start tiding everything away. Breakfast of cereals, bacon, fried egg, baked beans, and toast followed.

By the time everything had been cleared away, the washing up done, there was just time for some games of jump rabbit before flag down and the parents arrived to take the Cubs home.

Thanks to Jez and Jon for helping out, we couldn't have done it without you.