22nd May 2014 (Thu) - Cub visit to Worcester Police Station

Cubs from the 10th enjoyed an exciting and interesting trip to the Police Station in Worcester. In a packed visit they were shown various operational equipment, vehicles, the cells, forensics, and interviews rooms.

The Pack split into three groups and each group visited the different areas. We saw riot gear where the Cubs got to try on the fireproof riot jacket and trousers, riot helmet and try and lift a riot shield.

Next stop was to see the breathalyser machine where the Cubs were intrigued to see themselves on a monitor on the wall as all breathalyser tests are filmed for evidence. There were also shown a “dry” fingerprinting machine that can take a scan of your hand and then check the figure print records automatically.

We then went on to have a look around a Police van looking at its specialist equipment such as lights, siren (sorry local residents), and the “one-man” cell in the back of the van. How many Cubs can you get in this cell at once? Our record is seven.

We then moved on to look in the interview rooms, the custody desk and then the cells. Great fun was had being locked in a cell, or locking someone else in the cell and looking at them through the spy holes or door hatch.
Then it was off to the forensics department where the Cubs were shown how to discover footprints using magnetic powder. The carpet disappeared under a grey dust as the Cubs all had a go at this!

Then onto “wet” fingerprints where there are taken in traditional style with ink and paper.

The trip overran as there was so much to do and the Police have promised to come and visit us in the future to fill in some of the bits that some of the groups missed. All the Cubs came away with pens, evidence bags, footprints and some great stories to tell.
Thanks to Gemma, Nathan, Nicky, and all the other Officers and staff who we disturbed, got in the way of or disrupted. It was the best trip out we’ve had.