29th Jun 2014 (Sun) - Cubs Balsam Bashing

Cubs from 10th Worcester spent the afternoon of Sunday 29th June at Shrawley Woods helping the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust and Forestry Commission with some “balsam bashing”.

Himalayan Balsam is an invasive plant brought over to Britain by the Victorians and now causing issues in the damp areas where it thrives by choking out all the native plants. It is a resilient plant that needs to be pulled up including its roots and then smashed up as much as possible to stop it re-growing from the pulled up parts.

After a 15 minute walk through the woods we turned off the main path and descended a gully to join up with another work party who were attacking the balsam. We had a quick talk about what to do, donned our gloves, and got to work pulling out the stems, breaking them in half and dumping them in piles. Great fun was had by the Cubs stamping on these piles to destroy the plant so that it would not continue to grow.

The time flew by with two large areas being cleared of balsam. We then walked back to the edge of the woods to be picked up and return home.

Thanks to Chris from the WWF for arranging this for us.