16th May 2014 (Fri) - District Scout Brian & Josie Poole shield competition

10th Worcester Scouts take backwoods cooking back to the woods!

10th Worcester Scouts took part in the district Brian & Josie Poole Shield competition to prove their backwoods cooking skills. The competing teams (over 150 scouts took part) each had to make and cook beef burgers, sausage rolls and baked toffee apples from scratch. No recipes, no ovens, no pans, not a utensil in sight, just a knife and some firewood.

After a slow start, damp wood to blame, the 10th Worcester Scouts soon had roaring fires - not much good for cooking on though, these had to die down to smouldering embers before cooking could start. The scouts didn't let this put them off though, they were soon working as a team to make up for lost ground.

The three teams from 10th were each valiantly lead by their Patrol Leaders who delegated the tasks from firewood collecting through to prepping their tasty burgers and making their own pastry.

"Can you really cook burgers in a cabbage?", one Scout asked...

The yellow patrol were lead to a third place victory by their Patrol Leader, Ed. When asked what the secret of his success was, he instantly replied that it was all down to teamwork. So congratulations to all of the 10th Worcester Scouts for their efforts.

Now it's back to the woods at the Scout Hut, time to get some practise in for next year!This is a competition for teams of 4 Scouts from the same Troop who are asked to prepare and cook a meal using very little equipment.  The meal has to be cooked over an open fire and points are also awarded for innovative “camp gadgets” and methods of cooking.