Group Trip to Clearwell Caves - Sat 4th Oct 2014

On Saturday 4th October 35 Beavers, Cubs and Scouts from the 10th went for a Group trip to Clearwell Caves in the Forest of Dean. We left Worcester at 9:00am and travelled down to Clearwell Caves by coach.

At Clearwell we split into three parties, two made up of the Beavers and the Cubs went on a semi-deep level trip while the Scouts went on a deep-level trip. The semi-deep trips were all kitted up with hard-hats and head torches and went for a walk through the mine workings. After 15 minutes of going round the public show-caves we all disappeared off though a small hole in the wall into the deeper working. We crawled and clambered around the tunnels of the old working being shown the pick axes marks of the miners who created the mines back in the Victorian period and before.

We had a brief stop in one of the caves and all turned off our headlamps and sat in the pitch dark. A candle was lit to show the amount of light that the miners, some no older than the Beavers and Cubs, would have had to work with.

We then continued on squeezing through the tunnels and passing through large caverns until we came to a ladder leading back up to the show galleries. We then made our way back to the surface and sat out in the sun eating a packed lunch before returning to Worcester on the coach.

Quote from a Cub – "that was awesome, the best experience of my life"