Group Bag Packing - Dec 2013

8th Dec 2013 (Sun) - Group fundraising bag pack at Sainsbury's St Johns

Group trip to Cosford

23rd Nov 2013 (Sat) - Group trip to the RAF Museum at Cosford

Remembrance Day Parade - Nov 2013

10th Nov 2013 (Sun) - Group Remembrance Day Parade in Rushwick

Cub Sleepover - Nov 2013

1st-2nd November 2013 (Sat-Sun) - Cub Sleepover

Beeline Festival 2013

21st Oct 2013 (Mon) - Cubs visited the 2013 Worcester Beeline Storytelling Festival

Jamboree On the Internet (JOTI) 2013

19th Oct 2013 (Sat) - Cubs took part in the 2013 Jamboree on the Internet.

Cub Sixers & Seconders Camp

20th - 22nd Sep 2013 (Fri-Sun) - Cub Sixers & Seconders Camp at Rhydd Covert

Beaver River Walk

9th July 2013 (Tue) - Beaver River Walk

District Camp

21st -23rd Jun 2013 (Fri-Sun) - Worcester District Scout Camp

Group Father's Day Parade

16th Jun 2013 (Sun) - Father's Day Parade at St Thomas' Church, Crown East

Cub 6-a-side Football

18th May 2013 (Sat) - Worcester District Cub 6-a-side Football Competition

Activate Cub Day

11th May 2013 (Sat) - Activate Cub Day at Rhydd Covert Scout Campsite

Cub Easter Egg Hunt

4th May 2013 (Sat) - District Cub Easter Egg Hunt

District St George's Day Parade

21st Apr 2013 (Sun) - Worcester District Scouts St George's Day Parade

Brian & Josie Poole Shield Competition 2013

17th Mar 2013 - Brian & Josie Poole Shield Competition

Cub Sleepover - March 2013

16th/17th Mar 2013 - Cub Sleepover

Group Mother's Day Service

10th Mar 2013 (Sun) - Mothering Sunday Service

District BlinC Day

9th Mar 2013 (Sat) - Worcester District BlinC Day

HQ tidy up

23rd Feb 2013 (Sat) - Scout Headquarters tidy up

Group bag packing - Feb 2013

3rd Feb 2013 (Sun) - Bag packing at Sainsbury's St Johns.