The Brian and Josie Poole Shield 17th March 2013 

On Sunday 17th March – a perfect crisp, cold and sunny day the ever popular Backwoods cooking competition was held at Crown East.

If you could smell burning and well–charred oatmeal covered meatballs then you would have had a whiff of the Woods at Crown East. 

All Scouts got stuck in to fire building, preparing and then cooking their meals for the very long-suffering judges Ann Clark (Deputy County Commisioner),  Simon Walmsley (Assistant County Commissioner - Scouts) and Roger Butcher (District Appointments Secretary). (Would you like to test the food of 15 teams of scouts?). Tony Spiers (County Scout Leader) was also around to lend his professional advice. 

Young Leaders Scott Matthews and Paul Lowry helped District Commissioner Mark Strain and Brian Jenkins (Assistant District Commisioner - Activities) make the day run smoothly.  

Don’t ask Section Assistant Simon Gittings what he thinks of Oatmeal as he may not be very impressed! I’m sure he will tell you about his frantic shopping trips to help the 10th team if you would like to know. 

Brian & Josie Poole Shield 2013 Results

  • 8th Inca 82 Points
  • 1st A 79 Points
  • 7th 72 Points
  • 9th 70 Points
  • 1st B 66 Points
  • 6th 63 Points
  • 16th A 59 Points
  • 10th 55 Points
  • 2nd A 53 Points
  • 8th F A 50 Points
  • 3rd 46 Points
  • 8th F B 46 Points
  • 16th B 45 Points
  • 2nd B 39 Points
  • 2nd C 37 Points

This cooking competition was held originally annually in memory of Brian Poole AKA ‘Skip’. Then when his wife Josie died, it was renamed the ‘Brian and Josie Poole Shield’ in honour of them both. Josie was Group Scout Leader for many Years at 10th. As those of us who knew her will tell you, she was dedicated to Scouting and stood absolutely and resolutely in favour of integrity and honesty. She was a lovely person and quite an inspiration. In the days when I was OH and then ACSL, when the present D.C and myself appeared regularly at the Brian Poole Shield to help ,she wined and dined the judges in style , starting with a glass of sherry. She was a lady who would not tolerate anything less than the best when it came to standards from Scouts and adults alike. 

I did cater for the judges this year and strove hard to keep my standards high for Josie’s sake, but alas can never reach that level of cut-glass decanters and smooth white linen tablecloths! 

At least a good time was had by all. Congratulations must go to the winners of 8th Inca with a fantastic 82 points!

By Raj Strain (Group Scout Leader)