Cub Sleepover - 1st/2nd November 2013

Fifteen Cubs, one Beaver, and three Leaders enjoyed a sleepover at the Scout Headquarters at the begginnig of November.

After a quick Grand Howl and safety brief it was off on a hike around the local area to put into practise some of the Cubs map reading skills. The hike took in a variety of footpaths, bridleways, tracks and roadways allowing the Cubs to get practical experience of what the different map symbols meant and what signs they could expect to see along their route. The route was just over four miles and a picnic lunch was had half way round. The hike took a little over three hours to complete and all the Cubs were still going strong at the end and all qualified for a Hikes Away.

Back to the headquarters for some indoor games while tea was being cooked. The Cubs played Build and Defend (two teams both try and build a plastic cup pyramid while the other team throws balls to knock it down). This was followed by a game of bench ball (two teams try to throw a ball to their team mate stood on a bench). The Cubs also had a competition to see which team could build the highest free-standing tower from just newspaper and sellotape, closely followed by game of snowballs.

Evening meal was lasagne, chips, and garlic bread followed by cake (with plenty of squirty cream), biscuits and fruit. After everything was tidied away it was off outside for a campfire.

Despite the earlier rain in the day a good campfire was soon blazing. Cubs took turns singing campfire songs. Then we got down to the serious business of cooking marshmallows on the fire. The rain returned and after a few more marshmallows we were forced back into the hut.

It must have been a busy day as everyone was in bed by 11:00 and asleep by 11:15 :-).

Up at 7:00am to start tiding everything away. Breakfast of cereals, bacon, fried egg, baked beans, and toast followed.

By the time everything had been cleared away, the washing up done, there was just time for a couple of games of jump rabbit before flag down and the parents arrived to take the Cubs home.