3rd Feb 2013 (Sun) - Bag packing at Sainsbury's St Johns.

Thanks to all of you whose Scouts, Cubs, and Beavers took part in the Group back pack at Sainsbury’s on Sunday. All the Cubs who took part for at least an hour will get credited with the Fundraising element of their Community Challenge badges.

We raised a total of £680.83 and 582 Sainsbury’s vouchers. This beat our Christmas bag pack total of £668.15 so well done to everyone. It all goes to show the more people who help out the more money we can get.

While we are talking about shop vouchers the Group collects both Sainsbury’s Active Kids and Tesco for Schools and Clubs (not started for 2013 yet) vouchers, so if you can bring in any of these you get and give them to one of the Leaders we can use them to save up for free equipment.