Group trip to RAF Museum Cosford - Sat 23rd November 2013

10 Beavers, 19 Cubs, 7 Scouts, and 10 adults travelled to the RAF Museum at Cosford on Saturday 23rd November. The coach left from Croft Road car park in the centre of Worcester and took just over an hour to get to the Museum due to road works on the motorway.

Once at the RAF Museum we split into sectional groups and headed off round the hangers to have a look at the aircraft. Each section had the Museum designed leaflet that gave ideas on how to cover the different parts of their Air Activities/Researcher badges and they ticked off parts of these as they went round.

We first went into the Test Flight hanger containing experimental aircraft such as the TSR2 and Harrier jump-jet prototype the Kestrel. We then went into Hanger 3 containing a Spitfire, Mustang, Hurricane, Mosquito and a Catalina flying boat. After a couple of hours we all went off to the “Crew Room” indoor picnic area for a thirty minute sit down and to demolish our packed lunches.

After lunch we visited the Cold War and Hanger 1 aircraft hangers to see Vulcans, Valiants, and Victor as well as a Comet 4B airliner, and a WWII doodlebug amongst dozens of others. We than went back to the fun n flight area for another go on the interactive exhibits along with the 4D experiences and a chance to sit in the cockpit of a jet trainer.

Just time for a quick Group photo in front of a Nimrod then back on the coach fro the trip back to Worcester.

“It was the best Cub trip ever” - quote from Cub