Tenth_Tree.pngWelcome to the Tenth!

The 10th Worcester (Crown East) Scout Group is based at Crown East on the A44 Bromyard Road about two miles to the west of Worcester.

We have a Beaver Colony, 2 Cub Packs and a Scout Troop providing scouting for about 70 young people aged 6 to 14 in the Crown East, Rushwick, Cotheridge, Lower and Upper Broadheath, Knightwick, Martley and St John's areas.

i.SCOUT - Could you?

10th Worcester Scouts could always use some more help

This is an appeal on behalf of Crown East Scouts.

Play poignant yet strangely tuneless tinkling piano music.

Every day, these children are faced with stark choices, stark choices they must make on their own.

Here, at Crown East Scouts, we help them to make these choices.

But, we can't do it without your support.

Sometimes, they have to walk literally yards to collect fresh water, usually - from the kitchen. And - sometimes - when they open the cupboard door, there are no chocolate biscuits - only plain digestives...

Here at Crown East Scouts we offer an alternative; we can support these young people and give them a future with hope.

Sometimes, when they turn on the television... This is difficult to say... Please, bear with us...

There isn't anything on worth watching...

So please; don't let Barry, Garry, Cedric, Ralph, Horatio, Athos, Aramis and of course Porthos down. (Identities have been changed.)

If you have some spare time, please think about helping as an adult volunteer.

These children need your support, please get in touch via this our Contacts page page and help them to find their smiles again.

Thank you.

Stop now rather irritating tinkling piano music.

10th Worcester Scout Group